Are You Organizing a Seder for the First Time?

Given the challenge the world is facing today, in the weeks right before Passover, and along with a generous grant, we are selling this handcrafted designer haggadah essentially at-cost (discounted from $118) for $54, with the shipping costs covered by the grant. This includes rapid shipping from Israel to anywhere in the US, Canada and the UK. Due to its unique format and interactive elements, the haggadah requires assembly by hand, both by the printer and then with further work done by artists in our studio. It is then shipped to you.

Making Sure Your Seder Is Awesome

This effort is to help anyone who suddenly finds themselves planning an “unexpected seder.” Here’s what you get when you join this program by purchasing one of the subsidized copies –

  • One tactile, interactive Unbound Haggadah, with full English and Hebrew text
  • An explanation pamphlet accompanying the haggadah
  • Invitations to a Zoom session for whoever is in the program, with time for questions as well as tips on using the haggadah and holding a seder (there will be three options for times)
  • Online videos explaining various elements of the seder and how they are expressed in the haggadah (available publicly)

Our quantity of haggadot that are covered by the amazing ROI Community / Schusterman grant is finished – we were able to get about 100 haggadot to people who need them. Feel free to buy regular priced items at the bottom of the page.

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[SOLD OUT] $54 – Single Haggadah, Rapid Shipping to US, Canada or UK
Up to 2 days prep & up to 4 business days shipping from Jerusalem

This initiative was made possible through ROI Community’s Coronavirus Response Micro Grant Program.

Find out more about this creative haggadah by watching our video, looking at our Facebook page, or seeing some of Eli’s inspirations on his Instagram.

Purchase Unbound Items
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Purchase UNBOUND

One copy of "UNBOUND: The Recreated Haggadah" - includes a set of 12 cards held together with a tassel, plus an explanation pamphlet and a box.

Shipped to USA, Canada and the UK: - $118 Special price - $99

Includes Express Shipping From Jerusalem - 3 business days prep time, up to 5 business days delivery

Buy a Blessing Loop

Available starting July 2020

Includes the unique unfolding blessing card, as well as a separate card with text of the blessings as well as an explanation of the artwork, all in a custom paper sleeve.

For ordering info, and for bulk order inquiries, write to Eli

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