Bring to life the traditional blessing of the children with never-ending layers of meaning in this hands-on art piece.

Inspired by the Jewish traditional of blessing of the children on Friday nights, The Blessing Loop is a (kind of addictive!) object that families will love to hold as part of the blessing moment.

The continuously unfolding card

In our isolated times, it’s even more important to come together as a family and celebrate our connections.

The artwork is full of ideas relating to how our families fit into our communities, the world, and humanity’s stories. Each image is a “conceptual zoom out”, reaching further back towards the root of the act of creation. Even the style of the artwork – paper cut outs – has a “makers” feeling and is a reminder that everything our hands make contains divine sparks. From the beginning, the artwork displayed people of all skin color and gender, which feels even more important today.

Email us if you are interested in bulk orders (over 50), and keep an eye out on this page to hear when the Blessing Loop will be available for purchase (planned to be late July 2020).

The Blessing Loop combines the idea of Shabbat – our day of rest, our chance to look at everything we have created during the week and enjoy it – with the idea of starting a family. The act of creating your own home is us doing something in the image of God, bringing life into the world just as God made humans. Hence the loop. We bless our family, but are reminded to think back to the very first family, which connects to our own celebration in our home every week.

Initially developed in partnership with PJ Library.

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Includes the unique unfolding blessing card, as well as a separate card with text of the blessings as well as an explanation of the artwork, all in a custom paper sleeve.

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