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אין לנו מערכת מסודרת עבור מכירת ההגדה בירשאל, אך אם תיצרו עמנו קשר נשמח לתאם איתכם שתגיעו אלינו לאסוף עותק של ההגדה. המחיר בארץ הוא 350ש”ח, כאשר ההגדה נאספת על ידכם מאצלנו בירולשים.

You can purchase Haggadot in Israel, and collect them from our studio in Jerusalem. The price is 350 Shekels, and the haggadah does not come with any delivery – please coordinate a time with us to pick it up from our studio in Jerusalem. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy in Israel, write to the address above.

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One copy of "UNBOUND: The Recreated Haggadah" - includes a set of 12 cards held together with a tassel, plus an explanation pamphlet and a box.

Shipped to USA, Canada and the UK:

Special Price - $100$118

Includes Express Shipping From Jerusalem - 3 business days prep time, up to 5 business days delivery

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Available soon

Includes the unique unfolding blessing card, as well as a separate card with text of the blessings as well as an explanation of the artwork, all in a custom paper sleeve.

For ordering info, and for bulk order inquiries, write to Eli

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