Our flagship product, this haggadah will bring vivid images and colorful excitement to your seder. Copies of it have been purchased from all over the world, and have been requested by libraries and collections. See the video to watch the haggadah in action, or read some frequently asked questions below. A full review can be found in the Jewish Review of Books. Purchase links can be found at the bottom of the page.

Where can I get the Haggadah?
The haggadah is available exclusively on this website.

Does the haggadah contain English translations?
Certainly – the haggadah contains Hebrew as well as a contemporary, sensitive English translation of all text (except for Birkat Hamazon and Hallel, two small sections that are not translated).

Is there an explanation of all the illustrations and designs?
There is! With each copy, you will receive a pamphlet explaining the various visual elements. For information regarding lesson plans and curriculum, please email Eli KW.

How can the whole text of the seder fit on 12 cards?
There’s only one way to find out – get yourself a copy! They are pretty big cards, as you can see in the video.

If it is unbound, how does it stay together?
You can attach the 12 cards that make up the haggadah to each other with the red cord. Also, the haggadah comes in a custom box.

Is this an Orthodox, Conservative or a Reform haggadah? Is it specifically LGBTQ+, social activism, or feminist friendly?
UNBOUND contains the full traditional text, and can be used by all Jews who want to have a visually exciting seder. There is no additional text referencing specific social movements or ideas, but the images in UNBOUND hide many surprises. You’ll definitely connect to something. And each copy comes with a fabulous red tassel.

Are the pages numbered?
The front of each card is marked, so that you know its place within the order of the 12 cards.

How is the pricing determined?
UNBOUND is a limited edition, partially handcrafted fine art book. Due to its unique design, each copy of UNBOUND requires our printer to execute the work using non-mechanized methods, and more handmade elements are added in our own studio. Also, the haggadah’s size and weight require special shipping from Jerusalem to North America.

Can I purchase a large amount of copies?
Please be in touch with Eli KW to discuss large orders.

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With any questions please write eli@unboundjerusalem.com.

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One copy of "UNBOUND: The Recreated Haggadah" - includes a set of 12 cards held together with a tassel, plus an explanation pamphlet and a box.

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Includes the unique unfolding blessing card, as well as a separate card with text of the blessings as well as an explanation of the artwork, all in a custom paper sleeve.

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