The Visual Haggadah
This designer piece is an interactive series of 12 tactile cards with the full text of the Passover seder in Hebrew and in English, designed with visuals that illustrate old and new interpretations of the text.

What Is Unbound?

Unbound is a new way of thinking about books. As information becomes digital, and all of us curate visual lives in feeds and stories, we turn to books for tactile, vivid, in-real-life experiences. At Unbound, we are exploring these experiential books, and can't wait to discover something that you want to get your hands on.

What Is Special About The Unbound Haggadah?

  • You only need one copy, since the cards can be handed out, allowing everyone to look and follow along together.
  • Though meant to be used at the table (the cards are laminated to protect them!), this is a fantastic tool for educators teaching about the seder.
  • The haggadah includes the full text in Hebrew and English as well as a separate guide to using the cards.
Rabbi Angela Buchdahl Central Synagogue, Midtown Manhattan
“Eli’s Unbound Haggadah unravels new questions and new ways of experiencing the timeless tradition of a Passover Seder. The beautiful and imaginative design and symbolic imagery will delight old and young alike."

Rabbi Daniel Landes Jerusalem
“The haggadah that Eli created will connect you to the seder in new ways, with its engaging imagery and designs that will cause everyone - not just the youngest - to ask great questions."

Jay Michaelson The Forward
“Artist Eli Kaplan-Wildmann has produced an astonishingly beautiful thing called “Unbound: The Recreated Haggadah,” a craft-produced, small-batch set of twelve cards, each lavishly decorated."

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One copy of "UNBOUND: The Recreated Haggadah" - includes a set of 12 cards held together with a tassel, plus an explanation pamphlet and a box.

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Includes the unique unfolding blessing card, as well as a separate card with text of the blessings as well as an explanation of the artwork, all in a custom paper sleeve.

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